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When you think of wood, think of Team 1 Carpentry! We deal with everything wooden – installations and building. Our in house team has been serving the domestic and international market for the last 5 years. We bring along more than two decades of experience to every job on hand. Team 1 Carpentry offers building and installation of:

• All panels and frameworks
• Doors and windows, awnings and sidings
• Sliding doors and porch arrangements
• Sunrooms and other structural add-ons
• Basement and attic structures
• Deck and patio wooden requirements
• Garage and pool side structural wooden add-ons 
• Roofing and fixtures

You name it and we have a solution in nature’s own material – wood! We also help you enhance your current structures of the home or the office with wood panels and add-ons to bring on an aesthetic appeal. We have constructed wooden make-shift and permanent homes and offices. Our team is accessible online as well as offline. The team on-job as well as the in house staff ensure that you get what you want and within the time frame and predetermined budget.

At Team 1 Carpentry taking the use of eco friendly organic and faux wood applications to the next level of functionality is a religion. The teams are reputed for a clutter free job, every time, and finesse that only a professional hand can give wood. We also offer maintenance services taking on the need for ongoing support for polishing and lacquering, depending on the type of job at hand. We flaunt the use of green solutions.

How? Well for one the wood we use and source are marked and marketed by the authorities for commercial use. We do not advocate or encourage the felling of this natural resource for wanton need. Our suppliers ensure that you get only the best materials for the job and in the right quantities, without any delay. After all, a delay in such work does mean add-on expenses and we help you economize. When you wok with Team 1 Carpentry you get:

• Guaranteed support all through the job
• In depth planning with professionals 
• Regular inspections of the job undertaken
• Ongoing after job support for maintenance and upkeep
• Polishing and lacquering options
• Budget friendly quotes
• Realistic time frames
• Clutter free work environment – safe for the family and staff

Team 1 Carpentry is your one stop shop solution for wood based jobs.

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